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State of Nourish Them Project

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State of Nourish Them Project

The typical Dominican diet is based on rice, red beans and chicken with very little fresh fruits or vegetables. With the vast majority of the population living below the poverty line, it’s often a higher priority to satisfy the basic need of hunger than to ensure a well-balanced diet. Currently the diet of the girls in the homes we support consists of 4-5 small meals per day. Breakfast is typically bread and powdered milk. Sometimes cornflakes are donated and served with milk. Butter and cheese are a luxury rarely seen by our girls. A morning snack of milk and a biscuit is provided by the Education Ministry. An afternoon snack is dependent on availability. Lunches and dinners are typically boiled green plantain with egg or salami. Sometimes only cream of wheat or rice and milk is served.

Since last December, the prices of food in the Dominican Republic have increased by 9-24%, depending on the item. This is placing additional putting pressure on the daily budget of the homes we support, and making it even more difficult to serve nutritious meals on a regular basis. (more…)

Haitian Earthquake Relief

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Haitian Earthquake Relief

Since the devastating earthquake of 2010, Here For Them has continued to provide a small amount of support for a village of refuges outside Santo Domingo through our partner organizations. Originally housing over 200 refugees, the population in the village is currently below 50, as most have succumb to disease or been forced to the cities to beg. We continue to deliver canned foods and other donations to those who remain whenever we visit the area.














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