Our current focus is on two organizations for girls in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. These homes receive very little financial support from the government of the Dominican Republic or religious organizations. In fact, each home runs about $8000 short of meeting their operating expenses each month. As a result, they often have to cut back on food and other basic necessities for the girls in their care. Here For Them is working hard to close this gap by providing enough funding to ensure that their core needs are met.

Hogar Escuela de Niñas Doña Chucha (“Doña Chucha”)

Doña Chucha is a home and school for younger girls ages 6-11. They provide housing, food, clothing, education, medical and psychological care for approximately 90 girls who would otherwise be living in deplorable conditions in the slums of Santo Domingo and the surrounding areas.

  • Welcome to Doña Chucha!
  • A secure home for the girls
  • Nap time at Doña Chucha!
  • Time to study
  • Entertaining in dance

Hogar de Niñas Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia (“Altagracia”)

Once the girls have reached age 12, they move to Altagracia. At any given time, there are 50-60 girls living at Altagracia. These girls attend a local Catholic school paid for by donations.

  • Welcome to Altagracia!
  • A view of the porch at Altagracia
  • Study time at Altagracia
  • Study Room
  • Sleeping quarters for the girls
  • The girls striking a pose