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Amy and Rick with the girls

A happy accident…

Our work in the Dominican Republic began in 2005, when an injury suffered while vacationing in Punta Cana resulted in Amy and Rick becoming acquainted with a woman who would later become the executive director of two homes for disadvantaged girls in Santo Domingo.


Julie and Jamie got involved in 2008 after Julie’s husband passed away at a young age and they were looking to do something different during the Thanksgiving holiday. They spent the week at the homes preparing meals, doing crafts, and teaching the girls how to play volleyball. This experience made such an impression that they made several return trips over the next 2 years, along with Rick and Amy.

Then in January 2010, a tragic earthquake struck Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Millions of injured Haitians fled into the Dominican Republic in search of medical care.

Medicine for HaitiDominican families and organizations in and around Santo Domingo opened their hearts to the Haitians, turning their homes into makeshift hospitals. In response to the tragedy, Julie quickly collected money from family and friends and traveled to Santo Domingo to buy medicine and other desperately needed supplies. A mere $3000 made a tremendous difference for over 70 refugees.

It was following this experience that Here For Them, Inc. was born.

We realized we could be even more effective if we formed a non-profit organization in the US rather than continuing to act independently. So in February 2010, we drafted our mission statement and began the work of forming a nonprofit which could provide aid to children around the world. We became incorporated in June and received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in November 2010.

The girlsWe were inspired by the words of Mother Teresa in her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech from 1979, when in reference to those she calls “forgotten”, she asks who will be there to receive them, to show them love? We said, we will…we will be “here for them”.

Here For Them, Inc. is committed to maximizing the impact of your contributions and we take seriously the trust you place in us to be good stewards of our donors’ money. Our board covers all administrative costs so that 100% of money received from our donors goes to helping the children.

Here for Them, Inc. is based in Newark, DE. You can contact us by email at hereforthem@gmail.com.

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